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Should you wear sunscreen in the winter?

Who should wear sunscreen in the winter? Everyone. Did you know that the sun’s rays are actually CLOSER to the Earth during the winter? That means, a lack of regular sunscreen use leaves you more vulnerable than ever causing pigmentation damage and deeper wrinkles. Sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible aging of [...]

Get Ready to Glow with Diamond Glow Facial

If you’re looking for a facial that will leave your skin glowing and refreshed, the diamond glow facial is just what you need. It’s a gentle exfoliation procedure that combines the power of oxygen with natural diamond chips to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face. Here’s everything you need to know [...]

The perfect time to get laser hair removal

Now is the perfect time to get laser hair removal so you can officially ditch the razor for good! Laser hair removal is safe for all skin types! You’ll start to see the benefits after your very first treatment. With BAREit, you can treat hair anywhere on body. Common treatment areas include face, underarms, bikini [...]

What is a Neuromodulator?

Neuromodulators, Botox and Dysport, are used in treating facial wrinkles such as in the forehead, between the eyes, and in the “crows feet” areas. Botulinum toxin works by weakening the muscles of facial expressions. Once the resting tone of the treated muscles are weakened, the pull of the muscles relax and the overlying skin flattens. [...]

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