What is Diamond Glow?

A Diamond Glow Facial is a 3 in 1 treatment! It combines precision diamond tip dermal-abrasion to removal dull, damaged skin, a high-powered closed loop suction to extract debris build up from your pores, and a unique infusion system to push professional grade serums deep into the layers of our skin.

What does a Diamond Glow Treat?

This treatment targets fine lines, roughness, dryness, dark spots, dull and congested skin. After your Diamond Glow, you will experience brighter, fresher, healthier, hydrated, glowing skin!

How Often can I Receive a Diamond Glow?

These treatments can be performed as often as every two weeks, but generally a monthly treatment is ideal. The best part is there is no down time.

Who can be Treated?

All skin types and ages can be treated with a Diamond Glow! We see teenage patients with breakouts, men, and women for antiaging and brightening benefits, and even mature clients seeking skin rejuvenation.

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