Latisse Eyelash Enhancer

Ever wanted longer, fuller eyelashes?

Latisse….discover what the only FDA approved eyelash enhancer can do for you! It is a prescription liquid you apply to the eyelashes daily. Best results are seen after twelve weeks of continuous use. You can achieve the darker, fuller, and longer lashes you always wanted! Latisse is often used in combination with Botox or Dysport around the eyes, Elastiderm Eye Cream from our OBAGI skin care line, or an eyelid lift!

If you are interested in enhancing your eyelashes with Latisse in Oklahoma City, click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brou and his experienced staff at The Medical Spa in Oklahoma City or call (405) 945-0001!

The consultation was one of the warmest most reassuring experiences ever and I imagine it’s that way for most people, something that’s bothered you for a while and you go in there and you are just nervous. He just totally put me at ease. I remember I was surprised how much time he spent talking about what were my issues. I never wanted to look different. As you get older you notice some things. I wanted to look like me but a little bit younger. I wanted to turn that back a bit.


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