What are the benefits of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

  • External labia skin rejuvenation: Sagging skin, pigmentation, texture. Indicated for all ages to improve aesthetics, comfort while walking, working out, etc
  • Internal vaginal canaltightening: Great for post-partum or post-menopausal women that have noticed changes in their elasticity. This can lead to decreased or loss of friction, decreased sensation during intercourse
  • Urinary leakage: Treatment of urine leaking during sneezing, laughing, exercise to improve comfort and quality of life
  • Menopausal symptoms: Treatment ofthinning tissues due to decreased estrogen which leads to dryness, itching, burning, pain, discharge, fragility, decrease blood flow, change in pH; Over to 50% of post-menopausal women have reported these symptoms
  • Treatment of post radiation dryness in cancer survivors

How does Intima work?

  • Intima uses a time-tested and proven non-surgical treatment device, CO2 laser skin resurfacing, also known as fractional or fractionated laser skin resurfacing.
  • The laser device delivers columns of heat into the skin, which triggers a healing reaction. This healing reaction then forms collagen and elastin to tighten skin structures, remodel the soft tissue, and revitalize the appearance of the skin. This also induces new blood vessel growth, which will increase circulation – improving sensation and lubrication as cell health is improved.

What is the procedure like?

  • Intima vaginal rejuvenation is performed in the comfort of our office. No need to visit a surgical facility or undergo general anesthesia!
  • Treatment will take less than 30 minutes on average, including topical numbing application if you choose to treat the external labia.
  • The procedure will be performed by our female Physician Assistant, Bri Spires, PA-C.
  • Most patients only take Ibuprofen prior to the procedure and feel there is very minimal discomfort.
  • During the internal treatment, a small probe is inserted to apply a pattern of tiny scanned pulses of energy to the skin of the vaginal canal. The laser precisely creates microscopic channels in your skin, which induce immediate skin tightening and stimulate new collagen growth.
  • During the external treatment, a different handpiece will be used to apply a pattern of tiny scanned pulses of energy to the skin of the labia minora and major to provide tightening, texture, and pigment improvement.

Is there anyone who cannot have this treatment?

  • There may be increased risk of dark pigmentation occurring if this laser is performed to external labia in dark skin tone patients.
  • It is not suggested to have Intima treatment if you have vaginal or pelvic mesh
  • Do not have Intima treatment if you have unexplained vaginal bleeding, active malignancy or if you have certain diseases (especially auto-immune disease), poor healing, or take certain sensitizing medications.
  • Do not have Intima if you are pregnant or breast feeding

Is there anything I need to do before treatment?

  • You will need a recent normal PAP smear.
  • You will need to ensure you are not pregnant.
  • You will be given an anti-viral medication to begin 3 days before treatment.
  • If we are treating the external skin – your hair will need to be shaved close to the skin.

What should I expect post treatment?

  • Mild to moderate redness and swelling of external labia is normal
  • Most patients report very minimal discomfort, especially after the first night
  • There will be some restrictions on your activity, but patients are able to return to most of their daily activities the next day or 2. You must avoid intercourse, tampons, and soaking in any water for 7 days.
  • Usually a series of 3 treatments is needed. You may perform your treatments every 4-6 weeks & consider a maintenance treatment at 1 year

The Premier Experience

  • We strive to thoroughly educate our patients regarding their options for treatment. At Premier Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, we offer expert consultations to assess your concerns and guide you to the proper treatment path. This pre-treatment assessment will include discussion of alternative or combination treatments, along with full disclosure of price, downtime, and treatment expectations.
  • We want all your questions to be answered before you invest yourself in a treatment. We always remain up to date with the latest training, research, and techniques.

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