Which Chemical Peel Is Best For My Lifestyle?

With the summer coming up, we will be finishing up doing chemical peels on our patients until fall! I just want to refresh everyone’s memory on what peel options are available to you:

Blue Radience Peel– This is a light “lunchtime” peel that you can do as often as every month or so. This peel helps get some of that dead skin off to give you a pretty, healthy glow. This is perfect before a big event.

Blue Radience Plus Peel– This peel is a little more aggressive and will usually produce 4-5 days of medium peeling (especially around the mouth and nose). You can have this peel done every 2-3 months. This is ideal for the patient that wants a great result without the full downtime of the OBAGI Blue Peel.

OBAGI Blue Peel– This peel is the most aggressive peel we have. We can make it deeper or more superficial, depending on your needs. Pain medication is often given prior to this peel and you will have 7-10 days of aesthetic downtime, depending on the depth. This peel produces dramatic results and is ideal for a patient with significant skin damage. lt can be performed 1-2 times per year.

Please contact us to set up your free skin care consultation and discover which chemical peel is best for you by calling our Oklahoma City office at (405) 945-0001. We would love to help you achieve smoother, younger skin!

Written By: Rebecca Kuehn, RN