What is Plasma Pen or fibroblast treatment?

PlasmaMD is the leading, compact handheld device employing plasma technology for non-surgical skin rejuvenation that targets improvement in skin laxity, resurfacing texture, and the appearance of fine lines with minimal downtime and maximum results.

What are common treatment areas?

  • Upper eyelids
  • Lower eyelids
  • Around the mouth (perioral)
  • Laugh lines

What to expect post treatment?

PlasmaMD ARC Energy visibly gets to work om the treated areas immediately, you’ll notice the “carbon crusts” (tiny dark dots) begin to appear as soon as the treatment is over. Because of this, you can expect minimal social downtime, approximately 3-7 days.

Is PlasmaMD treatment painful?

Typically, a topical compounded numbing cream is recommended to be used prior to any minimally invasive plasma treatment. Numbing takes about 20 minutes for the face and patients can expect minimal discomfort and often describe the treatment as mildly tingly and warm sensations.

How long does the actual treatment take?

The total treatment time varies based on size and quantity of areas being treated. On average, the treatment is about 45-60 minutes including the application of numbing.

When will I see results?

Although results area often noticeable once the initial healing process ends, your results will continue to develop. The goal of Plasma Energy is to promote the development of you own collagen and elastin which can create additional improvements in your results the weeks and months following your treatment.

How long do the results last?

Results vary by patient. Many patients and providers report that PlasmaMD and Plasma + Plasma Energy devices deliver results for an average of up to 3 years.

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