How To Prepare For Your Dermal Filler Injection

Written by: Yvonne Valdez, RN

Dermal fillers are a quick, easy, and long lasting way to rejuvenate the face.

They have relatively no down time and with most applications you can get immediate results. But how do you prepare for your upcoming injection?

After a personal consultation to evaluate if you are a good candidate for an injectable procedure, there are some things you can do to make your procedure go smoothly. Precautions need to be taken with clients who are taking blood thinning agents, such as aspirin. After consulting with the prescribing physician, clients are to stop all aspirin and aspirin containing products three weeks prior to injection to avoid excessive bruising. Bruising, being the most common side effect of any injection, can be helped by using ice therapy during the injection procedure, and using epinephrine containing local anesthetic. Also the use of blunt tipped cannula needles, we use DermaSculpt cannula needles, can reduce trauma to the tissues significantly, reducing recovery time. Some over the counter remedies for bruising can be beneficial such as Arnica Montana and vitamin K supplements. After an application of dermal filler, clients are instructed to use ice at home to reduce swelling and bruising. Sleeping with slight elevation to the head for the next two days will also help reduce swelling. Makeup can typically be applied immediately after the procedure to cover any bruising that may have occurred. After that, one can enjoy a beautiful, long lasting, rejuvenated look! Call our office today to set up your personal consultation to see if you would benefit from dermal fillers.