How To Get Perfectly Bronzed Skin WITHOUT Tanning

Everybody wants to have beautiful, glowing skin for summer.
Well, now you can have that perfect color without the harmful rays of the sun or tanning beds! I have matched my 3 favorite Jane Iredale products to give you a gorgeous glow that will surely make all of your friends jealous. One of the main reasons I love this set is because they don’t make you look orange or over-the-top, like some bronzers/self-tanners do. Let me break them down for you below:

Tantasia Self- Tanner– This is my absolute favorite self-tanner for a couple of reasons! It creates a very natural looking color and provides instant bronzing effect as well. My best advice is to apply moisturizer on your feet, hands, and elbows before applying Tantasia. Just as with all self-tanners, dry areas of skin will soak up more color than the rest of your body. If you happen to get too dark in one of those areas, a Magic Eraser will remove it!! (Hint!) Go slowly, though, you don’t want to take it all off either.

Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion– This is a brand new product from Jane Iredale that has everyone buzzing! It is a light bronzer that has Mica (diamond dust) to give the skin a tanned shimmer. Not too much, but you look sunkissed. This fab item is in our Oklahoma City office now!

Moonglow Quad Facial Bronzer– This is maybe the ONE product I could not live without. Simply put, it’s a purely clean mineral powder, made up of 4 shimmer bronzing colors. Most patients use a brush to apply it, as a sponge would look too heavy. You only need a LIGHT application on the skin to make people think you just came back from a fabulous vacation in the tropics! There are other color sets in Jane Iredale’s bronzer line, but this is my absolute favorite.

You can have summer skin without damaging yourself! Any self tanners are better than the sun, but I use this brand because it is so pure and clean with no extra chemicals, dyes, or parabens. If you would like to try any of these products, we offer free makeovers in our Oklahoma City office.

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Written By: Rebecca Kuehn, R.N.